Arranged Marriage : Diary of a girl (Story Buildup) 

Coming from an Indian family where you have seen nothing but arranged marriages. Your mind gets set that yes this is how things work and this is how you will be leading your life too. Watching my mom as a housewife I too felt that is what a woman have to do after marriage. But my parents had different plans for me. They not only helped me completing my studies they pushed me ahead to lead a life of my own. I was little scared at first but when I started working things started getting clear. I got a meaning to my life. My brain which was under the influence of so many society barriers started setting itself free. But yes I kept firm at one decision and that was selection of partner would be done by my parents and not me. Yes, I had few constraints of my own but the final decision would always be taken by my parents.

And then they started the search for a groom. My parents opted for matrimonial site and after quite a lot of search they found a match for me. After one meet with the guy and then his family everything was finalised. I was then allowed to talk to my future husband so that I can know him better and so can he. Things started falling in places and everything seem to be calm and happy. 

But two different families were getting together and they both had different sets of likes and dislikes then how can thing be so smooth ?